Discover Your Passion For Food.


Visualising your performance.

Excellent communication is like a delicious meal. Passion, curiosity and creativity are crucial. Quality, precision and a huge portion of love make it complete.

Our love is all for “compositions” around food, beverage, kitchen and hospitality! We design, create, communicate and produce for outstanding personalities and hidden champions. For strong brands and clever newcomers. For already sparkling and for yet shyly glistening product stars. For people and ideas striving to change nutrition habits and foods offers in a sustainable way by providing high-quality food, excellent products and services.

Top chefs, pioneers, masterminds and entrepreneurs appreciate the combination of strategic ways of thinking and targeted realization developed in collaboration with WHITE PLATE. Our uncommon views and creative ways to approach as well as long-term experiences in implementation strategies. And, last but not least, the considerable amount of pleasure we feel when we do what we do.

We are settled in „almost“ all disciplines of communication: Photo & film, design & framing, PR & marketing, events & promotion. We create stiring pictures. Texts that touch your heart and invite to a lively dialogue. With our live events we create great emotions getting under your skin.

We love what we do and – yes – we are truly happy, because we do what we love. We regularly share empirical knowledge about what we love most with interested people active in many different fields in our WHITE PLATE academy.