Christian Lohse

FischersFritz / Berlin / 2 Michelin Sterne

German TV- und star chef Christian Lohse

Christian Lohse has always been considered a pioneer. And after his arrival in Berlin he was the first two-star chef in the federal capital. That was in 2003. Since then, a lot has happened in Berlin and on the river Spree in terms of culinary culture. His place of work, the FISCHERSFRITZ, was considered one of the most delicate addresses in the city. And head chef Lohse continues to be one of the most dazzling stars in Berlin's gourmet sky. His years of traveling through the best French restaurants (Charles Barrier / Tours, Guy Savoy / Paris), his various encounters with people and his time in London, including being the private chef of the Sultan of Brunei, were most influential to the born Westphalian.



His work piece “Dining with friends” is kind of a culinary homage to the pleasure of lavish indulgence in good company. An opulent picnic is shown in front of the Berlin National Gallery. In a LIVE PERFORMANCE, Lohse let his culinary creativity and joy of being with friends run free. And despite the unrestrained pleasure he took in expressing himself, he always kept a careful eye on the well-being of his friends at the table. To the delight of everyone, as we will see.

C-Print TAFELFREU(N)DE by Christian Lohse

Technical specifications:

1 x C-Print, 3 x 4 m / 12 x C-Print 20 x 30 cm