Jörg Sackmann

Schlossberg / Baiersbronn / 1 Michelin Stern

Hotelier and star chef Jörg Sackmann

The friendly chef from the star village of Baiersbronn and former trainee of Eckart Witzigmann and Harald Wohlfahrt quickly led his parents' small and fine family hotel to nationwide fame with his culinary art. His culinary skill is characterized by a creative use of products and inimitable perfection down to the last detail. Sackmann is a master of structures and flavors and loves to find new ways of order. In the meantime, son Nico has joined him and now two generations are leading the hotel and restaurant into the future.



His work piece documents Sackmann's pronounced sense of order and structure in connection with his enthusiasm for the versatility of food. The 45-part image composition illustrates the metamorphoses of two products that couldn't be more different: lobster and rice. Make eight out of two, make five, make four .... The Black Forest man lined up the aggregate states and aromas of a delicacy and a piece of basic food in a masterful way and, thanks to his love of structure and order, he composed eight very different dishes.

C-Print tableau METAMORPHOSEN by Jörg Sackmann

Technical specifications:

Tableau made of 45 x C-Print, Diasec, 80 x 80 cm