Discover The Art Of The Chefs

The Exhibition.


A world premiere on round 1,000 square meters is coming soon - in terms of a multimedia photo art and culture exhibition with artwork contributions created by extraordinary people, whose ateliers usually are kitchens, where they bring their artwork on plates, not on canvases.

A synthesis of arts, formed by 14 artwork contributions, has been created in the course of a creative work period of almost two years – a passionate plead for a profession that is also a vocation.

On request of WHITE PLATE, 14 top and Michelin-star chefs (among them an artist-duo) from Great Britain and Germany have entered the field of arts as chefs and have created artwork contributions on very personal subjects, including individual messages, together with photographer Klaus Einwanger.

Artwork contributions, which tell very personal stories, were created in dialog with Klaus. The results are multimedia and partly interactive, but always moving statements made by very different people who have one thing in common: Their passion for excellent, high-quality food as well as the pleasure they feel when entertaining and indulging their guests.

The exhibition is accompanied by a colorful program for all ages, concerning nice, healthy food and the culture of cooking and culinary delight. And with speakers and experts of various disciplines.

The exhibition is planned to take place in inspiring London, Berlin and Munich locations for a period of four to six weeks each.