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Hans Horberth


Historically the kitchen in big houses would be in the basement and the family would dine in the upper Bel Etage. In LA VISION Hans Hoberth has combined both on one level. From 2008 until his serious accident at the end of 2012, the Mainz born chef quickly ascended into the heaven of Michelin star chefs, cooking in Cologne’s most “promising” kitchen on the eleventh floor of one or Europe’s biggest water towers. Hans knew how to inspire others on an international level. He became “Up-and-comer of the year 2012” twice and received 2 Michelin stars in 2012. He had a passion and dedication to encourage and train new young German gourmet chefs.


Hans Horberth’s contribution to White Plate is a monumental video installation which illustrates what he saw as parallel worlds – His kitchen and his dining room. He spotlights those who connect with each other in a pendulum-like movement: the service staff movement and interaction with his guests. People and events were recorded in the kitchen, the dining room and the service areas simultaneously, all captured through a photographic 24-hour time lapse. The different rhythms, dynamics and characteristics of all three worlds illustrate what they have in common: each and everyone’s dedication to their profession.


Hans Horberth

Werkbeitrag Hans Horberth

Technical specification: 2 video canvases, 4x8 m