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Jens Rittmeyer


Jens Rittmeyer’s inspiration has always been the sea long before opening KAI 3 on Sylt. For many years he cooked at “Villa Joya” the coastline of Portugal with much recognition and acclaim, creating wonderful dishes for his guest‘s with delicacies from local waters. The power of the water and the vastness of the sea are the sources of inspiration and distinctiveness in this young star chef‘s thinking and cooking.


The sea, its power and its treasures are woven like a thread through Rittmeyer‘s contribution. A complex three-part installation projects images and videos onto pillars of water, which imitates the movement of the sea as well as the interaction between the waves and the sand. The pillars might be murky in the beginning, but they change in time to reveal an image through painterly transitions. The images cycle through finest culinary creations from Rittmeyer‘s kitchen and the moving landscape photography of Sylt. His source of inspiration stands thus in direct relation with his dishes and his surroundings.

Werkbeitrag: WASSER-KRAFT

Jens Rittmeyer

Werkbeitrag Jens Rittmeyer

Technical specification: 3 video projections behind water pillars, H 1,80 m