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Jörg Sackmann


The friendly chef from the star rated village of Baiersbronn is a former student of Eckart Witzigmann and Harald Wohlfahrt. His cooking talents has taken the small and exquisite family hotel of his parents to national fame. His creative use of products together with his unmatched attention to detail, make his art of cooking stand out. Sackmann is a master of textures and flavours and loves creating new structures.


DHis contribution documents Sackmann‘s distinctive sense for order and structure in combination with his enthusiasm for the mutability of groceries. The 45-part composition of the image illustrates the use of two distinctly different products: lobster and rice. Turn two into eight into five into four… the Black Forest-born chef uses the Lobster and Rice different states of aggregation, flavouring in a masterful way by composing eight entirely different dishes based on his preference for structure and order.


Werkbeitrag Jörg Sackmann

Werkbeitrag Jörg Sackmann

Technical specification: Tableau made of 45x C-Print, Diasec, 80x80 cm