Discover The Art Of The Chefs



Starting in 2019, the exhibition will be held in an inspiring atmosphere in London, Berlin and Munich approximately for four to six weeks each.


Ausstellungsort London

International capital and melting pot of tastes and food. It’s the metropolis where tradition and innovation meet and which offers much more than just mint sauce, fish and chips. 30 million visitors a year cannot be mistaken ...


Ausstellungsort Berlin

WHITE PLATE will travel to the home of “Buletten” (bread rolls) and “Berliner Weiße mit Schuss” (Berlin wheat beer with fruit syrup). It’s not only a culinary referral when Berlin’s citizens say “It can be plenty, as long as it’s something good.”


Ausstellungsort München

The exhibition will also take place in Bavaria. Munich has more to offer than just the “Wiesn” (Octoberfest), the Laptop and the “Lederhosen” ...