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Michael Smith


Michael Smith is the chef at the “Three Chimneys” on the Isle of Skye, one of the most remote restaurants in the world. He started his career at the “Arisaig House Hotel” on the West Coast of Scotland at the end of the eighties. Three years later, he moved to London and worked With the Roux Brothers and Jeremy Lee among others. He returned to Scotland in 1998 he met Shirley Spear, the owner of Three Chimneys in 2004, moved to the “The Three Chimneys” and became chef there one year later. He has been both chef and director since 2012. Frank Bruni (New York Times restaurant critic) nominated the restaurant as one of the top 5 restaurants in the world. Visitors fly in from every country just to experience the culinary delights of this likeable Scotsman on the edge of Europe for a couple of hours.


For Michael Smith, his restaurant‘s heart and soul is his menu. His creed: “A menu makes a restaurant”. He takes the visitors in his contribution on a journey to his sources of inspiration and influences, which make up his menu. Michael photographed the many different things which surround him, people, events and impressions all of which stimulate him every day. He uses his place at the edge of Europe to express his culinary excellence to create his menu. Along the way, visitors will encounter the breath taking nature of the Isle of Skye from the perspective of a cook.

Werkbeitrag: THE MENU

Michael Smith

Werkbeitrag Michael Smith

Technical specification: Mixed media installation/Polaroids, C-Prints, video and calligraphy