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Susanne B. Hallwich


antahsara’s Kost-BAR – Inspirations for your lunch table at the WHITE PLATE art show

The WHITE PLATE art show contribution „bricks of life“, created by Christl and Gabi Kurz – the pioneers of vegitarian German cooking – , exactly hit the style of cooperation partner antahsara and became the mental basis for the lunch table at the MCBW campaign week 2017.

It was Susanne Hallwich who was responsible for matching cooperation partners, conception, creation, text and realization of the MCBW lunch tables.

Our aim was to spice up the WHITE PLATE art contribution „bricks of life“ by clever, short(!)excercises and adequate everyday mini interventions, which are part of the antahsara self-management repertoire, to plead together for a vital, relaxed and creative everyday lifestyle and to play a leading role on the opinion market.

In cooperation with the two chefs Gabi and Christl, a one-week lunchtable series titled „ antahsara’s Kost-BAR. Delicious food for body, heart and soul“ was created as well as a subsequent newsletter containing detailed information on the latest topics, recipes and self-management exercises.

Suiting the slogan of the day „Happily begin on Monday or clean up on Friday“ Christl and Gabi set up a three-course meal primarily consisting of ingredients having nutritional effects on our bodies.

In cooperation with the antahsara team, Susanne Hallwich concepted appetizers or desserts consting of 60-seconds excersises, which are part of her repertoire of systemic consulting and modern embodiment-excersises. Completing the meal, they optionally make body and soul happy, cool, creative, concentrated or free from toxic influences.

What had at first been organized as a small event for 10 to 15 persons, rapidly became a get-together luch from the second campaign-day on, resulting from the overwhelming cooking-skills of Christl Kurz from Berchtesgaden and Gabi Kurz from Dubai. Almost 50 open-minded guests, journalists and bloggers at each lunch-table had an entertaining get-together and tried out atahsara excersises für their „neural clean-up“.

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Baker’s guild Munich

Campaign Münchner-Kindl-Stollen

Awarded with the industry PR champion award „Stollenzacharias 2010“


„It is time to toss the old sales concepts for the Münchner-Kindl-Stollen to try something new!“

Our slogan:

Innovation & tradition. Classic sales promotion with new impulses. The well-known lottery with many exciting prizes that cannot be bought somewhere. Real “Try yourself prizes”! In the focus were meet & greet, play & pleasure and the charming “Münchner-Stollen-Kindl” Julia (baker trainee, 2nd year).

Creative and attention-attracting, uncommon promotion activities… We mix up the ingredients of the „Original Münchner-Kindl-Stollen“ (Munich + Kindl + Stollen) for new links, experiences and worlds of delight.

Always live on stage: Our testimonial, the „Münchner-Stollen-Kindl“ Julia Holzner (baker trainee, 2nd year). She was the charming “golden thread on legs” during the campaign period. While “Stollenkinder” would only smile on posters, she was now integrated in person in try-out campaigns during Christmas time. Julia became part of guided city tours, story time projects in a Munich bakery (with a fairy tale written for the baker’s guild by Diana Hillebrand, who lives in Munich and has become very famous) and after-work-cooking-events. Our virtual highlight: The “online Stollen configurator”, because not everyone likes candied orange and lemon peel…We wanted to find out, which ingredients are particularly popular.

We used reliable promotion tools like „Gewinnspiel“ and engaged local start-ups to implement the actions and to push the young local economy of Munich. Win-win for both sides: The start-ups tailored their offers as per our and the Stollen’s requirements, they were innovative, creative and highly motivated and got a new, well-known reference client – as a countermove we had unique promotion campaigns and a prize game with “experience prices” that cannot be bought. The local press, the baker’s press as well as some online portals were impressed by our activities promoting the local economy, and came in large numbers to join the press conference on 11. November 2009.

Our services:

Full service for the Munich bakery craft: Conception, creation, text, implementation / production, press office, cooperation initiation, project management, budget controlling and documentation of results.