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Simon Hulstone


Competitive situations made the life of the two-time Culinary Olympics world champion chef since he started his profession as a cook. His early years were affected strongly by competitive thinking. Simon realised he could gain his father’s attention and respect through cooking, so he embraced “competition” as a motivating and positively invigorating opportunity. His father, was also a top chef, Simon and his father continuously competed with each other as to who was the better cook. Even today, the successful star chef still acts as the captain of the British team at the culinary Olympics and enjoys the stimulating effects of competition.


Simon Hulstone focuses in his work on the personal competition and the deep connection with his father Roger. A triptych with large-sized photographs tells the story of father and son, of shared passion, appreciative encounters and common hobbies. The first image depicts their passion for cooking, the second one the shared enjoyment of food, the third one sees them both on their Lambrettas - another passion that they both have in common and compete in.

Werkbeitrag: FIELD TO PLATE

Simon Hulstone

Werkbeitrag Simon Hulstone

Technische Daten: 3x C-Print, Diasek, 1,80x2,50 m