Discover The Art Of The Chefs


It is our creative vision to increase awareness in society by observing, in an entertaining way, the constant changes in eating habits through a touring art exhibition, created by award winning international chefs. Presented every two years, the exhibition is supported by publications, film, presentations, pop-up restaurants and public talks and conversations with our chefs and opinion formers.

WHITE PLATE is a platform to encourage dialogue and share information on nutrition, health care and lifestyle. It is an international initiative based on a network of like-minded people to promote a balanced nutritional eating culture for a balanced life.

WHITE PLATE, through the art of cooking and dining, brings together food professionals, and scientists, social and cultural experts and members of the public through a creative, artistic interaction between many different dining cultures, nutrition and healthy eating.

WHITE PLATE is an informed society whose aim is to establish an awareness of healthy and nutritional food, enjoyment in eating, well being and diverse dining cultures.

WHITE PLATE’s purpose is to inform and inspire people of all ages, irrespective of their knowledge, to develop greater pleasure from cooking and eating. Part of our aim is increase individual understanding and responsibility for personal health, in the belief, we all benefit from a greater understanding of the food we eat and enjoy.

To encourage the enjoyment of a healthy world, WHIT PLATE openly engages with decision-makers and opinion leaders at national, pan-European and international levels, seeking support for future activities.