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Creative agency services

With us you always get to choose: Individual creative services for a project or for a certain period of time, or the all-inclusive package, i.e. full-service contract with exactly the services that you need for the implementation or target achievement of your objectives. Multiply our creativity and consulting services according to your needs and/or budget.

Creative & remote since we started

As a remote agency, our project teams work interdisciplinary, cross-regional and task-specific for more than 25 years. We have exactly the right professional team members that are perfect for your project.

Together with you, we advise, accompany and develop strategies and measures. It is normal for us to start with a strategy discussion or a half-day workshop in which everyone who can contribute to the success of the project or campaign takes part. Other times we jump straight into implementation when the strategies are already clear, and the briefing is in place - and sometimes when time is short.

Our range of services:

  • Branding / Brand Building & Brand Management
  • Broadcast / Film Format Development
  • Design & Creation (Print & Digital)
  • Photo & Film / Visual Branding
  • Crisis Communication & Change Communications
  • PR & Marketing
  • Social Media & Web / Digital Branding
  • Start-Up Coaching
  • Strategy Consulting & Organizational Development

Branding - Brand development & Brand Management

Branding matters! About the magic of radiance.

Hand in hand with you as our client, we develop strategies and measures. Our mission: to let your brand or your company shine and make it fit for the future. Everything we think and implement is based on our best knowledge of neuromarketing and systemic consulting, based on many years of field experience in brand management.

Together with you we turn your brand DNA and your brand essence into a meaningful anchor point in the sales and opinion market.

We'll take you to the start or across the finish line - as you wish. With us you will find support for the moment (a one-off project) or for a longer period of time under a full-service contract. Our creative team will address effective strategies for market cultivation, brand architecture and brand experiences. If needed, we can develop brand and product names and visual stories. Should you need a final quality check before a launch or relaunch, we are experienced to take a systemically trained look at your brand portfolio and market profile and position.

Our brand management services include:

  • Branding / Brand Architecture & Development
  • Employer Branding
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Transformation
  • Brand Messages and Claims
  • Naming
  • Positioning
  • Purpose, Mission, Vision

Design & Gestaltung - Print & digital

Design matters! The art of shaping and designing.

What you need for real brand experiences and a coherent appearance at all customer contact points – Good design has to be creative, consistent and high-quality. In visual content and in the detail. Analog, digital and three-dimensional. Your customer’s successful journey is key for everything related with your brand identity.

From advertising to brand identity or book design, corporate design, packaging or print through to social media and web design.

Our philosophy: Agile design processes and full concentration on a consistent image. Consistency creates authenticity, trust, charisma, and customers. This is how modern brand management works.

Foto & Film - Visual Branding

Perspective matters! Mind movies for the viewer.

For us, the pure emotional journey is everything to do with hospitality, food & beverage and culinary art. This is best conveyed through strong imagery and strong stories.

Visual storytelling is our passion. With photos and film we put emotion into strong stories and the messages of your brand and products into a single package.

Everything is possible!

We provide full service, from the concept to final approval for your photography and film production, it doesn’t matter if it is one day or one month, studio or location we can meet your needs, and budget.

Our production experience ranges from small to very large, from around the corner to the big wide world. We produce either in the studio, on location, documentary or reportage style.

Our enthusiasm for what we do has been recognized by juries over and over again and our work has won many awards. That makes our heart beat faster - thank you!

Crisis communication &
Change Communications

Mindset matters! From the power of the inner attitude.

There are times when things do not go smoothly or there are scheduled or surprising major changes which impact on your business and your life. When a crisis hits, it doesn’t matter if it is local, national or international you have to be ready and have “Crisis Management“ plans in place – what matters is how you and your team approach the situation and deal with it, before it is too late. Things to be prepared for – attacks from employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, the media, social media – people you have never heard of.

Scheduled changes and surprising twists and turns require a high degree of mindfulness in communication, because every word, every gesture suddenly will attract a great deal of attention. A crystal-clear inner attitude as well as the willingness to face current changes or challenges and to adjust your inner compass are key here. This is our experience from more than 20 years of advice and support in the field of crisis communication and change communications.

With us you can keep cool and get through tough times easier. Depending on the situation and requirements, we help you navigate communication (internal, external, online) and guide you and your team through the challenges to allow you to survive and recover.

PR & Marketing

Impact matters! Communication for “those” moments.

Whether market entry, market cultivation, growth or repositioning - we have consulting, conception and content under one roof for all phases of your company. In addition, a great deal of expertise and commitment for PR and marketing programmes.

We create strategies, concepts, and implementation. Offline and online. We respond with agile thinking and creative solutions and make brands shine. On your behalf, we communicate with opinion leaders and influencers in accordance with your brand image. Everything we do for you revolves around the values, authenticity and identity of your brand.

Because of our creative approach, unique thinking, communication concepts and strategies and most importantly PR measurements, our PR team have won regional, national and global awards including: 5 International Public Relations Association Golden Globe awards, The Chartered Institute of Public Relations Sword of Excellence awards, numerous Outstanding Consultancy awards, the German PR Gold award in the category “Sales Support Product PR” and the PR award of the German bakery trade in the category “Sales Promotion”.

Creativity is very important to us which explains why in our understanding a white plate is never empty but always full of an infinite number of possibilities and opportunities.

Social Media & Web - Digital Branding

Digital matters! It has to be concise and with character.

One thing is clear: social media and the web are not everything, but without them everything is incomplete - at least when it comes to brand building and brand management. Digital branding has a relevant influence on the visibility and credibility of your brand in the marketplace and on the World Wide Web.

Our branding specialists support brand building and brand maintenance through digital communication strategies and measures. We ensure consistent brand management in the online environment and focus on customer avatars and market customs.

Visibility through search engine optimization, content marketing and social media interaction are part of our digital branding strategies and measures. Interactive branding is key for successful brand management on the internet.


First steps matters! First steps matter! Small steps, big impact.

Step by step we help you to establish your company successfully in your marketplace to identify and achieve your corporate and business ambitions. In addition to inspiring business ideas, you will have a lot of questions at the outset. Not to mention the challenges of red tape you will have to deal with.

When it comes to creativity, branding and market entry, team building and organizational development, we are your creative partner with 20 years of experience in startup coaching across all business sectors. We will challenge your thinking and concepts to ensure they are founded on sound core business principles.

For startups - i.e. companies in the founding phase or up to 1 year into business - we have the following fields of advice to offer:

  • Brand Building (Corporate Design, Corporate Identity)
  • Market Entry (Corporate Communications, Social Media Activities)
  • Team & Organizational development (Corporate Culture)

Strategy consulting &
Organizational development

Result matters! Together and depending on what you want to achieve.

Look forward to the best of both worlds: the knowledge of a creative agency with successful, solid experience in organizational consulting and development. We implement professional assessment, directional change or new opportunity reviews, together we work with you to identify the opportunities with the desired result in mind. As consultants, it is important that we understand if you want to take off, fly or land. We share our creative flashes of inspiration; we deploy proven methods of systemic consulting and tools from solution-focused organizational development.

Experience teaches us: strategies and measures for new markets, guest experience and customer journey work best when everyone shares their expertise. Are you and your team already involved in the conception and planning, help shape strategies and possible measure? We are always enthusiastic about how much stronger the effectiveness of a measure or campaign is when everyone is on the same page about an idea, its implementation and are actively involved in development and rollout.

Which is why, in addition to conception & creation for your brand, we also implement company workshops, team coaching and one-on-one discussions, preferably with those who contribute to the success of your brand.