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Creative agency for culinary arts

WHITE PLATE. The creative agency for culinary arts in Munich and London.

Tough choices make good stories!

Established in 2011. The idea: to bring culinary art and passion in the restaurant and hotel business to a higher level of public attention. Photographer Klaus Einwanger, award winning Public Relations Creative Directors Susanne Hallwich and Tony Meehan, together with designer Christian Grundl gave their common passion for cuisine, hospitality and excellence a creative home – WHITE PLATE.

Following many journeys across Germany and Great Britain in 2012, to establish our independent art and culture project, we enjoyed both, inspiring and exciting encounters with 14 star chefs. We quickly realized there was no doubt White Plate was a project which the food profession wanted and needed. We knew this is where we are at home, this is where we want to be and work with the top Chef Artists, our new White Plate culinary masters.

Since 2011, we have been advising and supporting chefs and entrepreneurs in the restaurant and hotel sector as well as companies and start-ups across all fields of hospitality, food & beverage, lifestyle and fine dining sectors with branding and brand management, image creation at every business phase.

What makes us special?

Creative thinking and great enthusiasm for working with you and for your brand.

What matters.

Brand Management

Branding matters! The magic of radiance.

Hand in hand with you as our client, we develop strategies and measures. Our mission: to let your brand and your company shine, making it fit for your future. Everything we think and implement is based on our many years of field experience in brand management and best knowledge of neuromarketing and systemic consulting.

This is how we turn your brand DNA and your brand essence into a meaningful anchor point in the marketplace.

Design & Layout

Design Matters! The art of design and shaping.

Our credo: Agile design processes and full concentration on a consistent image. For everything related to your public image: We travel from A for advertisements, B for brand identity or book design, C for corporate design, through to P for packaging and print to W for web design through to Z for zealous, because that is what we are.

PR & Marketing

Impact Matters! Communication for Re-Memorable Moments.

Working in the culinary field, WHITE PLATE creates exceptional communication that is meaningful, impactful and enduring. We work with words, images and actions. Classic or contemporary, online or offline. Strategy and concept are crucial and so are emotions. Leave it to us to take care of saying the things you want to say—so you can focus on your guests and clients.

Photo Production

Perspective Matters! Mind movies for the viewer.

Visual storytelling has become our passion over the years: brand messages, strong in content and right on point visually. Our experience ranges from small to very large, from around the corner to worldwide projects. We shoot either in the studio, on location, on site – anywhere and everywhere.

Film Production

Storyline Matters! Telling stories - we love to do.

Emotions, with strong and lasting content, in a nutshell, long or short, portrait or landscape format – we tell stories with both moving and still images to meet your intended purpose. We take care of everything from conception to final approval. And that's good. So far, quite a number of award juries see it the same way, because our work has already received international recognition.


„The Aroma Menu“
Chosen second best food film at the 2019 ‘Pink Lady’ awards in London. Pink Lady Award Logo