Customer Case

Le Canard Nouveau - Hamburg

Priority matters! Priority ONE for our client and top restaurant Le Canard nouveau was to redesign their homepage as a mobile friendly one-pager, which was primarily intended to visually highlight the brand essence of the restaurant on the Elbe in the virtual world of social media. The photography and film work became the prelude to Le Canard Nouveau’s new visual identity and were turned into a “type-appropriate” branding with design and text.

Thinking first

In order to create an authentic brand relaunch, we did a half-day workshop at the start of our appointment, where everything revolved around visual brand management, imagery and brand communication. Immediately after, we moved from thinking to doing, this included photography and filming of interiors, outdoor shots, people and portraits, restaurant scenes, food stills and emotional mood shots. For two days, the photo and film crew with graphic designer and PR consultant worked together with the team from Le Canard nouveau and executed both creativity and logistics precisely. Thanks to everyone - everything went like clockwork!

Design matters!

The results of our two intensive creative and production days in Hamburg were brilliantly printed as a limited edition (one of our favorite disciplines), the quality and workmanship of which are usually only known from large print runs. After target group research, we created an individual concept and the finest design.

A picture is worth a thousand words?

Very often, but not always. Sometimes the wrapping of the message does the trick! Here, the typical press kit was turned into a BLACK BOX. Selected photo motifs for future publications were neatly packed into a branded press box, together with press releases, facts & figures, an interview with the chef, further information about specials menus and events, location and architecture and everything else, to serve editors and publishers with the new information. To achieve this, we provided our WHITE PLATE full service, from the first ideas to the creation, assembly and personalised delivery of the press pack.

Last but not least: Ambient Media

The brand management was strictly applied to all communication measures. Our photos were displayed on backlight display boards in the entrance area of the restaurant. The monthly changing motifs were selected to arouse curiosity and to announce special events such as an Easter brunch or harbor birthday and to promote the restaurant as a wedding location. Large formats with radiance - a real eye-catcher.

Stay social ...

And not to be forgotten ... social media activities. For Le Canard nouveau Hamburg we also updated their Instagram account as part of our collaboration - with posts, stories and reels ... full-service from A to Z.