Our Story


Tough choices make good stories!

Once founded in 2011 to bring culinary art and passion in gastronomy to another stage of attention, Klaus Einwanger, Christian Grundl, Susanne Hallwich and Tony Meehan have given their common passion for cuisine, hospitality and excellence a creative home – WHITE PLATE.

After a trip across Germany and Great Britain in 2011 and 2012 and many warm, inspiring and exciting encounters with 14 star chefs (including a mother-daughter duo) for an art project, we knew we didn't want to leave. This is where we are at home, this is where we want to be and work creatively.

Our clients come from the upscale gastronomy or hotel industry, from companies involved in hospitality, food & beverage. They are hosts, star chefs and winegrowers, hoteliers, producers and manufacturers - all those who value excellence, innovation, sustainability and making an impact. And pleasure. Just like us.


Discover the art of the chefs ...


In 2011, 14 renowned star and top chefs from Germany and Great Britain accepted the invitation from WHITE PLATE to take culinary art literally and join the WHITE PLATE team as a chef in the field of "art".

Photographer Klaus Einwanger invited them to participate in an independent art and culture project. In cooperation with Klaus and the WHITE PLATE crew, the star chefs designed their own experience worlds from different perspectives and created individual works of art and approaches to their profession with photos and films. The white plate serving as a metaphor for the artist's canvas. A little piece of eternity to recognize their art, which usually dwindles away quickly.

The WHITE PLATE artists designed their personal messages, visions and their passions and granted the audience of the Munich Creative Business Week 2017 some very personal insights and perspectives on their being, thinking and doing. The result was a timeless total work of art, carefully put together over two years. 14 individual works as a passionate plea for a profession that is also always a mission.

We would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all participating chefs and contributors for their commitment and willingness to experiment, and for their willingness to venture into new creative territory with us.