Adam Byatt

Trinity/London & Bistro Union/Clapham
Best London Restaurant / GBM 2013

Best London Restaurant and GBM winner Adam Byatt

Adam Byatt is one of the most successful chefs in London and now runs three very different restaurants. The likeable Brit found his place in the hearts of gourmets by rediscovering classic dishes and giving down-to-earth and simple dishes unique elegance. His enthusiasm for high quality products is evident in the use of exquisite regional products and his love of cooking and eating together with family and friends. If you ask him whether he prefers to be an entrepreneur or a chef, he replies with “both” and adds that the time in the kitchen is still the special momentum for him. As soon as he puts his apron on, he is in another world.



Adam Byatt's work enables visitors to experience the interplay between everyday stress and immersion and the freedom in the kitchen that goes with it. To show this, an accessible room installation with more than 200 light boxes is equipped with corresponding sounds and images during the exhibition. The visitors walk through a very narrow corridor with many light boxes. The claustrophobic atmosphere is supported by a composed sound installation. So, you get into a room where you symbolically put an apron on, and the world stands still for a brief moment. This room is designed to be as meditative as the momentum that Byatt feels when putting on the apron. He then shows himself to the visitors in slow motion videos, where you can watch him working.

Room installation APRON by Adam Byatt

Technical specifications:

Room installation, corridor with about 200 light boxes, sound collages and slow motion video in a separate room