Dirk Schröer

Bülow Residenz / Dresden / 1 Michelin Stern

Star chef and Cook Of The Year Dirk Schröer

Harmonies are essential elements in the art of cooking as well as in music. For Dirk Schröer, both belong together like day and night or sun and moon. Music also plays a very central role in his daily creative process: Hardly any of his recipes are made without him listening to music, at night when his family is asleep. During his time as head chef at the Caroussel at the Bülow Residenz Dresden (2006 to 2013) he was one of the WHITE PLATE chefs and engaged in this topic outside of the kitchen.



Born in Stuttgart, he dared an exciting experiment for WHITE PLATE and came up with the idea of ​​translating flavor compositions into sounds and tones. In cooperation with the Trossingen University of Music and students of the “Sound Design” course, under the aegis of Professor Florian Käppler, an interactive sound installation was created within nine months. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to experiment and experience the comparability of taste and sound as a game of harmony and disharmony - and thus the challenges of a cook as a taste composer.

Interactive sound installation GESCHMACKSKOMPOSITIONEN by Dirk Schröer

Technical specifications:

Interactive sound installation (do it yourself)