Simon Hulstone

The elephant / Torquay / 1 Michelin Stern

TV- and Michelin star chef Simon Hulstone

Competitive situations shaped the life of the two-time world champion in cooking not just since he started this career. Even in his youth he was strongly influenced by the idea of ​​competition, not least because father (also cook) and son competed constantly in cooking. Simon recognized early on that he could be sure of his father's recognition and attention through cooking, and so he got to know and appreciate competition as a motivating and positively invigorating situation. The successful star chef is still active as the captain of the British team at the culinary Olympics and enjoys the invigorating effect of “competitions”.



In his work, Simon Hulstone focuses on personal competition and the deep connection with his father Roger. A triptych with large-format photographs tells the story of father and son, of common passions, of appreciative encounters and common leisure activities. Picture 1 shows their passion for cooking, picture 2 shows the pleasure of eating together, picture 3 shows the two of them with their Lambretta scooters, another passion that they share and in which they are also competing.

Diasec C-Print COMPETITION by Simon Hulstone

Technical specifications:

3 x C-Print, Diasec, 1,80 x 2,50 m