Johnnie Mountain

The English Pig / London

Great British Menu star Johnnie Mountain

Johnnie Mountain found his true calling in 1994 when he started working in restaurant kitchens. It suddenly became clear to him that this is where he belongs, and only here. In 1995 Johnnie became Souschef at Café Dell Ugo and worked with the famous Alastair Little. At the beginning of the millennium, he opened “The English Pig” in the “Atrium SW1 in Westminster” and is also recognized by his harshest critics as an “exceptional chef” because he puts his heart and soul into what he does. And because nutrition in schools is very important to Johnnie, he set up the “Schools Found Council” project at Noel Park Primary School and, with his direct and passionate way of talking, has been inspiring children and young people about healthy eating ever since.

Paper chase


Firmly rooted in the bottomless - the Briton polarizes and unites like hardly any other chef in the United Kingdom. Every day he plumbs the line between genius and madness, seeks and finds extremes, consciously exposes himself to them in order to prove to himself (and his environment) that he is stronger than “it”. In 13 video and photo installations placed across the exhibition floor, Johnnie takes visitors on a journey of discovery to his person and grants “snippet” for “snippet” deep insights into his world and at the same time hints at his temporary inner turmoil. With 13 QR codes, visitors can see what occupies, drives and inspires the exceptional chef.

Mixed media installation PAPER CHASE by Johnnie Mountain

Technical specifications:

Mixed media installation with 13 QR Codes