Vivek Singh

The Cinnamon Club / London
World Food Awards / Best London Restaurant 2009

Best London Restaurant and World Food Award winner Vivek Singh

Vivek Singh is widely recognized as the best Indian chef of his generation across the UK. In 2001 he opened the Cinnamon Club in Westminster, becoming a hotspot for gourmets and the city's stars. Meanwhile he has opened three other restaurants in London and has revolutionized Indian cuisine with his culinary art while sticking to its roots and originality. What was not possible in his home country India, he was able to do in Great Britain: reinterpreting traditional Indian dishes.

deconstruction - reconstruction


Vivek's contribution is a synthesis of deconstructing and reconstructing and at the same time an artistic expression of his inner attitude. For his work piece he worked with traditional Indian dishes for weddings, hunting and travel, breaks them down into their individual parts and puts them together in his own, new, typical way. The interplay between tradition and modernity is staged by lenticular prints (holograms) and a flip book.

Polaroids, C-Prints, video and calligraphy THE MENU by Vivek Singh

Technical specifications:

3 x Lenticular Print, 1 x 1 m / 6 x C-Print, 1 x 2 m / 1 flip-book