Simon Rogan

L‘Enclume / Cumbria / 2 Michelin Sterne

Great British Chef, patron and farmer Simon Rogan

Simon Rogan is one of the most gifted chefs in the United Kingdom and is described by gourmets and critics as “one of the most innovative chefs in the country“. Two stars have been shining above his L‘Enclume restaurant since autumn 2012. Simon learned from the biggest in the industry, immersed himself in molecular cuisine and learned from the famous molecular chefs Marc Veyrat (Annecy) and Pierre Gagnaire (Paris), among others. His trademark and the heart of his menus are his home-grown products. All sorts of almost extinct and rare vegetables grow on his farm between fragrant flowers and wonderfully fragrant herbs. In the evening, what the farm “produces” during the day is served on the plate. The menu changes almost daily.

field to plate


Simon Rogan's work piece stages the direct connection of the ingredients from his farm with the final dishes that the benevolent guest finds on their plate in the evening. A standard menu - impossible! His menus are firmly rooted in the rhythms and seasonal gifts of nature, which are harvested on the same day. The visitors experience these rhythms through a total of eight series of images, which artistically show the different harvesting and processing steps from morning to evening.

Image tiles in front of a LED wall FIELD TO PLATE by Simon Rogan

Technical specifications:

64 image tiles in front of a LED wall (installation)