Jens Rittmeyer

Kai 3 / Sylt / 1 Michelin Stern

German Starchef and entrepreneur Jens Rittmeyer

Jens Rittmeyer's inspiration has always been the sea. For many years he cooked with great pleasure on the steep coast of Portugal and filled the plates of his guests with delicacies from Neptune's realm before he was called to Sylt from 2010 to 2016. For the agile and creative star chef, the power of water and the vastness of the sea are the source of his inspiration and his clarity in thinking and doing.



The sea, its power and the treasures of the sea are also the central theme of Rittmeyer's work piece. In an elaborate three-part installation, images and videos are projected onto columns of water and the movements of the sea and the play of the waves with the sand are staged. In picturesque transitions, the initially cloudy columns of water repeatedly reveal a picture and alternately show the finest culinary creations from Rittmeyer's kitchen kingdom and moving images of nature from Sylt. Thus, his source of inspiration is directly related to his dishes and his surroundings.

Video projections behind water pillars WASSER-KRAFT by Jens Rittmeyer

Technical specifications:

3 video projections behind water pillars, H 1,80 m