Hans Horberth

La Vision / Köln / 2 Michelin Sterne

Star chef and restaurant practitioner Hans Horberth

While the kitchen used to be in the basement and the gentlemen dined upstairs at the Bel Etage, in LA VISION there were both kingdoms on one level. Thank Bocuse! Born in Mainz, he cooked from 2008 to 2012 in what is probably the best view kitchen in Cologne - on the 11th floor of what was once the largest water tower in Europe. The two-time Achiever of the year 2012 whipped up young German gourmet cuisine with his team and was awarded 2 Michelin stars for this in 2012.



Hans Horberths work piece - a monumental video installation - provides insights into these parallel worlds (kitchen vs. guest room) by also showing those who connect these two worlds in a pendulum-like movement: the service staff. For his work piece, people and proceedings were documented simultaneously in the kitchen, in the guest room and in the service area with a photographic 24-hour time lapse. The different rhythms, dynamics and character traits of the three worlds also illustrate what connects them: the devotion of each individual person to what they do.

Video installation PARALLELWELTEN by Hans Horberth

Technical specifications:

2 video canvases, 4 x 8 m