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The WHITE PLATE WORK EXHIBITION was our project of the heart in 2017. As part of the Munich Creative Business Week, we designed and realized a small, exclusive exhibition in cooperation with WIEDEMANN WERKSTÄTTEN, featuring all 14 contributions to the WHITE PLATE Tour. A number of our Chef Artists participated preparing food and answering questions.

Creative on our own account

The services we offer as an agency we applied to our own project. And it worked! With our exclusively designed “Creative Wheel” (see below), we created a supporting program for the exhibition, together with outside partners. We wanted people not only to admire the art, but also to be amazed, enjoy great food and have memorable conversations.

Brightly coloured and active

The result was a brightly coloured supporting program. We invited guests to an exclusive Chef’s Table with Jens Rittmeyer; inspiring workshop discussions with Otto Koch and Jens Rittmeyer, served a three-course vegetarian lunch every day based on recipes by Christl and Gabi Kurz (Berchtesgaden, Dubai) - cooked with a lot of love, of course! By the way, the two ladies insisted on cooking for the visitors of the exhibition over a nice long lunch time. As a dessert after dessert, we offered helpful mental training exercises to everyone who had to go back to work and needed a fresh mental kick-start to their afternoon.

Four instead of one

Finally, to the great joy of many, we were able to exhibit for more than 4 weeks instead of just 1 week - many thanks to Klaus and Susanne Wiedemann and the WIEDEMANN WERKSTÄTTEN team, who made their wonderful rooms available to us, and also gave us such a warm welcome and hosted our exhibition. We enjoyed it so much!

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