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Johnnie Mountain


Johnnie Mountain found his true calling in 1994 when he began working in restaurant kitchens. He suddenly realised this was where he belonged. In 1995 Johnnie became the sous-chef at the Café Dell Ugo and worked with the famous chef Alastair Little. At the start of 2012 he opened “The English Pig” in Westminster. Grounded in profound sincerity, Johnnie Mountain polarises like almost no other British chef. He sounds out the threshold between genius and madness on a daily basis, he searches for and finds extremes and exposes himself to these extremes consciously to prove to himself (and everyone else) that he is stronger than “them”. His most fervent critics honour him as an “exceptional cook”, because he puts his heart into everything he’s doing.


Johnnie takes the visitors on a journey to his character through the help of 13 video and photo installations that are spread across the entire exhibition. Bit by bit he grants them deeper and deeper insights into his world and indicates his sporadic inner conflict. Visitors can use 13 QR Codes to get to know what it is that drives, moves and inspires this extraordinary cook.

Werkbeitrag: PAPER CHASE

Werkbeitrag Johnnie Mountain

Werkbeitrag Johnnie Mountain

Technical specification: Mixed media installation with 13 QR Codes