Teamwork makes the dream work

From a native Scot, our pleasure in co-creation, and the art of realizing two book projects synchronously.

Admittedly, we were a little bit "nervous" and felt richly gifted even before the actual production startet. Despite the tightly scheduled production processes and a sporty schedule we were looking forward to a project that promised good conversations, social moments, and creative sparks in an exceptionally inspiring area in southwestern France.

The protagonist in front of the camera was already well known to us. In 2014, we met Martin Walker and his wife Julia while working on his first cookbook and appreciated the likable Scotsman who lives in beautiful France, the successful crime writer ("Bruno Chef de Police"), who is also a renowned historian and former The Guardian editor, and the mindful person who is always available for good conversations even in the midst of the busiest production chaos.

Two in one strike - Part 1

Our joy for this renewed cooperation was truly great. It became much greater once it became clear that we were to prepare and coordinate two photo and film productions at the same time: the second Bruno cookbook and "Brunos Périgord", a very special travel companion.

One thing was clear in advance: No matter how great the challenges in such a "double" may be, the pleasure of working with Martin and Julia, as well as Kobi from the DIOGENES publishing house, will be even greater in any case!

Teamwork makes the dream work

With a small team of only three people for photo and film and a van full of equipment, we set off on our journey. Bringing everyone together was reminiscent of a Sternfahrt. Kobi, art director at DIOGENES publishing house, traveled from Switzerland (Zurich), Julia from the UK, and we three made a pilgrimage from Rosenheim to the enchanting Périgord in the heart of France. Our mission: meet Martin Walker in his second home and produce the desired photo and film sequences for "Brunos Garden Cookbook" and "Brunos Périgord" together. What an exciting mix!

As with the first book production, we were already on the road early in the morning until late at night to work with the best light for the shots at the most beautiful places for the book "Brunos Périgord." At noon, we were on-site at Julias house to photograph all the delicacies she had already prepared in the shade. For the food shots, we brought props ourselves, and Julia had also packed her sweet little vehicle full of props from her own beautiful inventory in the UK specifically for this photo production and shipped it across the English Channel.

Top-notch teamwork was also evident on set: while Julia prepared and cooked the dishes, we prepared the set, and Martin took care of actors and extras for the planned people scenes. Everything went like clockwork, the sporty schedule could be met, and the pleasure of working grew with each day, even though most production days were long and intense. Our unanimous conclusion: The enthusiasm of the people on set for the topics and for working together leads a project, regardless of its size, to success in a joyful and safe way. And even if one or two uncertainties were on board on-site: "Teamwork makes the dream work."

Two with one stone - Part 2: Work and Educational Trips

Getting live history lessons on-site, exploring magnificent castles, monumental churches, and impressive fortresses, and experiencing the local culture was a special part of this production trip. In addition to all the culinary excursions, we also had the opportunity to get to know the historian and journalist Martin Walker better, which was a lasting source of inspiration for us.

Accompanying the crime author as an international ambassador of the Périgord region, walking in the footsteps of his fictional character "Bruno, Chief of Police," and working together with him to realize the visual representation of his travel, cooking, and history book entitled "Brunos Périgord," developing it further ad hoc on-site, was our production and creative contribution to the overall work.

Needless to say, we are true fans of the author, his fictional character, his chosen home, his wife Julia, and the people in Périgord. A big thank you to our client, the DIOGENES publishing house, to Martin and Julia, to the people on set, around the set, and behind the scenes for the creative collaboration and the considerable amount of pleasure we derived from our work. And for the beautiful backdrops that the Périgord region provided for us. See you ... à bientôt!