10 Years of WHITE PLATE! From the Lasting Magic of Beginning...

Remember! Back then…
Gosh! It has been 10 years since Klaus and Susanne and Tony (our elder statesman from Great Britain) set out to launch DISCOVER THE ART OF THE CHEFS. With his photo and film team, he would tour Germany and Great Britain for around 10 months again and again in order to create an unprecedented art and culture project together with renowned and extraordinary top and star chefs.

Our art and culture project became the cornerstone for our creative agency
What began in 2011 as a creative thinking adventure and as an art and cultural project, became an extraordinary experience for everyone in front of, behind, next to and beyond the camera during the production time in 2012. Even today (in 2021!) we all beam with joy when we think of the work pieces, films, comments and photo series, take a look at the archive or touch base with one of the protagonists from "back then".

And we are so happy that our ONCE IN A LIFETIME project became the cornerstone for our creative agency with locations in Munich, Rosenheim and London. For around 25 years we had been on the road again and again together as a remote creative team for culinary art, food & beverage, gastronomy and the hotel industry - but since the WHITE PLATE art project we have been working together under one roof - and we love it!

Party hard... work hard...
But today we want to celebrate our zero hour - ok, not quite to the extent we had actually planned, but flexibility has always been our second name and in times like these, it is particularly important to adjust . Anyway, postponed is not abandoned! We will celebrate properly as soon as the situation around the globe allows for it again. In the meantime we enjoy our nice memories of the early days in Zoom calls across the continent and in our studio in Rosenheim while packing and sending our thank you presents to all the protagonists from back then.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart to everyone involved. Thanks to the WHITE PLATE artists, to your teams and loved ones, family and friends who contributed to the project. Thanks to all the hard-working people who lent a hand and to the many supporters behind the scenes.
An extra thank you to the Bavarian State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forests, which at that time had spoken out in favor of a patronage at zero hour.
Another extra thank you to PR expert Thomas Achelis from Munich, who linked us to our mentor and dear friend Tony Meehan in Great Britain at the start of the project. And to chef of the century Eckart Witzigmann, who had agreed to be our patron for the project. Many thanks also to Dr. Peter Miesbeck of "Lokschuppen Rosenheim", who never got tired of helping us with the exhibition concepts.

Thank you for great moments, for warm and in-depth conversations, for creative sparks, for being welcome, for your hospitality and your focused work on set, for working all night long , for the commitment of everyone involved.

Thank you for being open-minded and mindful and for becoming friends.

And an extra thank you for your courage and willingness to take part in a project that had never been done like this. Thank you for your trust, dear WHITE PLATE artists, even though most of you had never heard of us before. You gave us your trust, your time, your enthusiasm, your commitment, your ideas and let us look into your hearts. Moments of excellence. Unforgettable!

We wish you all the best in these challenging times. Stay healthy and let your creativity run free, whatever is currently to be mastered in the outside world.

If you feel like walking down memory lane with us, there you go! We have put together the best scenes from the making-of and the WHITE PLATE Tour 2012 for you. Just click, lean back, open your eyes and ears and be amazed. Discover what we discovered together. DISCOVER!