From the Magic of a Beginning: Creating Something New Together - Kulturhof Stangass

When the invitation to tender of the Bischofswiesen based agency Bunsen & Bunsen came in in mid-April 2021, we were in the middle of preparing for our 10th WHITE PLATE anniversary. And were amazed at what was being planned at the foot of the Watzmann mountain!

So we put our own project and the memories of "our" zero hour aside and devoted ourselves to the magic of the beginning of Kulturhof Stangass. The team around initiator and investor Bartel Wimmer has been rooted in Bischofswiesen for generations. They had reimagined the former site of the venerable Hotel Geiger with great care and foresight for future generations, making it an inspiring place for the community - for "getting together". There, at Berchtesgadener Straße 111, you will find a lot of things under one roof: hotel, restaurant, beer garden, event location, yoga studio, workshop atelier, co-working space, and much more ... It is a place for exchange, diversity and encounters, it invites people and brings them together.

We were chosen as a creative sparring partner and went on site regularly with our photographer Klaus Einwanger for four months, until the opening on November 6, 2021. We took care of a professional visual storytelling with film, photography and a lot of feeling. Of course we will continue to accompany the hustle and bustle at the Kulturhof with photos and films and we are excited to see what will happen in front of our lens.

In close cooperation with chef Norman Beitz, Andreas and Matthias from Bunsen & Bunsen agency, we took pictures and sequences and chased the best motifs and moments. Sometimes planned, sometimes just going with the flow. We portrayed rooms and moods focusing on the people who work in and for the Kulturhof and who told us about the many perspectives of „getting together“. We always would go back when a construction phase was completed, the construction crews had left and a certain area or room was ready. With great enthusiasm we staged the protagonists and designers of the area and caught what was happening on camera – and of course! – also the sensational view of the legendary Watzmann mountain.

For us, the magic of a beginning is the momentum in which a brand with its very own DNA pops up in the brand sky and begins to shine. As visual storytellers, accompanying something new from the start is always a magical moment for us. To create a visual language together and to provide creative input for the further development of a brand and to be in contact with people and makers, that is real co-creation. And everything that is created when starting a company is the cornerstone on which brand building and expansion are based. Thus, over the years, a brand core can be recharged with good memories over and over again and so it can shine fresh and new from the inside.

We and the team from Kulturhof Stangass are happy about the many magical moments of creation and about what can be passed on in the future. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the entire Kulturhof team from the bottom of our hearts for their trust during the photo shoots and filming. Thank you for the warm and welcoming cooperation. Thanks for the fun we had while working with you. We wish you and the Kulturhof a brilliant start and many nice guests and visitors. We look so much forward to further visual storytelling with and for you.

Now it is high time to pick up our own project folder with the title "10 years of WHITE PLATE" and plunge into the memories of our own beginnings. The countdown is on... on November 28, 2021 the time has come! We have to hurry...

Photo credit: Kulturhof Stangass